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Dance With My Heart

This is a sweet collection of love songs. There are 18 tracks.
Most are originals along with a few old time favorites.
Welcome to This Day

  1. Welcome to This Day
  2. Sunday Morning Church Outside of Town
  3. Photograph
  4. Sweet Distraction
  5. Searching for the Perfect Shell
  6. This is My Truck
  7. Loving My Little Boy
  8. Lullaby Wish
  9. Souvenirs
  10. Share Your Joy
  11. Dance with my Heart
  12. By My Valentine
  13. Safe in Heaven
  14. I Love the Music in You
  15. Moving On
The North Woods

The North Woods
River Ride
North Woods
Cedar and the Pine
Wild Flowers
Feel the Wind Blow
Seeds of Forgiveness
Night Breeze
Lazy Afternoon
Beautiful Butterfly
Watching the Waves
Love those Summer Days
Forever Together

Forever Together
She’s Alive
Forever Together
Feel the Wind Blow
Being with You
That’s All Right with Me
Hook, Sinker, and Line
Watching the Waves
Did I Tell You?
The Text Message
I Was Thinking
Good Night My Love                       

Video: Life is Good

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Children’s CDs

Little Treasures Sing & Dance
Volume 1

Little Treasures Volume 1
We’ve Got Rhythm
Singing Counting Song
Take Me Flying in an Airplane
Little Puppy I Love You
Blowing Bubbles
Jumping Rope Today
Happy Birthday
Swing Set – Ding Det
Big and Strong Like His Daddy
Beautiful Butterfly
Hokey Pokey
I’ve got the Joy
Go Round and Round
Queen of the Tigers
Miss Lucy’s Baby Loves Pizza
We Like Balloons
Sweet Dreams
Little Treasures Sing & Dance
Volume 2                     

Little Treasures Volume 2
Stop! And take a look around
I went to the farm one day
Dance little baby
Happy, happy birthday
This cowboy can ride
I love my mommy
New shoes
Taking a walk
Shake your egg
If you’re happy and you know it
Balance your beanie bag
Rhythms and sounds
Bluebird dance
Go ducky go
Native wind dance
I’m so proud of you
This project is sponsored by a grant from the Arrowhead Regional Arts Council.                      
All I Want for Christmas
Is You (CD Single – 2008)

All I Want for Christmas
CD Single:
All I Want for Christmas is You (listen – mp3)

Night Breeze

Night Breeze
Night Breeze
Coming Home To You
On and On It Rains
My Door Is Open To You
I Was Thinking
Cedar And The Pine
This Cowboy Can Ride
My Rose
Waiting In Time
Moving On
Mr. Hypocritical “Mr. Hyp”
Who’s Missing Who?
Falling For You
A Song In Your Heart
Simple Pleasures

Simple Pleasures
Writing you a letter
Morning rush
Sparrow’s song
Loving my little boy
Simple pleasures
Hearts cry
Lazy afternoon
Run your race
A love story
You should have seen her
Hold me close
You need a friend
Friends forever
This is my truck
Circle of life
Road trips and dreams