Senior Sing-a-longs

Music Sing-a-longs with Seniors!

I provide a 45-60 minute music program with a wide variety of sing-a-long-songs seniors know and love to sing.  My large collection of songs ranges from the early 1900’s to the present.  The program also includes seasonal and original music.

Positive connections and a joyful experience have been the result of my work.

I share music and programs with seniors at locations such as: assisted living facilities, nursing homes, memory care centers, rehabilitation centers, hospitals, social clubs, Road Scholars, and in-home visits.

While sharing this common bond of music, I have found:DSC05718
  • People laugh, smile, share thoughts and memories
  • Music increases self-awareness
  • Music reduces stress and improves moods
  • Music has a calming effect
  • There are increased levels of interaction, connecting us to loved ones and the world around us
  • Music is an unspoken language that touches our hearts


I play at multiple facilities around Duluth and surrounding areas, contact me for more information.